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Since late 2003 SerNet provides SAMBA packages for enterprise ready Linux distributions, e.g. Red Hat Enterprise Server and Novell's SuSE Linux Enterprise Server, available on SerNet's download server. All packages originate from one source package and are subject to the same quality assurance.

The "one source policy" helps us to ensure that the SAMBA handling is almost identical everywhere. Therefore customers encounter the same SAMBA features on all their machines. This is how we want to make SAMBA a lot easier to handle in terms of deployment, configuration, maintenance and trouble shooting. We also include the packages for each distribution and version in our update cycles for a long time.

We want the EnterpriseSAMBA packages to be something you really can rely on.

Several hundred downloads a week of those packages for each distribution show the importance of this offering. It also encourages us at SerNet to keep on with EnterpriseSAMBA.

SerNet also considers Debian Linux to be an Enterprise Linux because of its remarkable upgrade capabilities and the long lasting life cycle of each distribution. Above all, it is always great to have a free choice.

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SAMBA Training

Heinlein Support does provide a SAMBA4 training now. This training is based on a collaboration with SerNet and covers SAMBA4 as an Active Directory Domain Controller. On request, Heinlein also does offer training on SAMBA in mixed environments.


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SerNet SAMBA 4.1.13 available

SerNet SAMBA 4.1.13 has just been released. Packages for various SUSE and RedHat platforms as well as for Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu are available at:

The SerNet SAMBA team has also released these packages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and CentOS 7.

These packages address a lot of issues, which are listed at:


SerNet SAMBA 4.0.22 released

Packages for various SUSE and RedHat platforms as well as for Debian GNU/Linux and Ubuntu are available at:

These packages address the following issues amongst others: 

  • New parameter "winbind request timeout" has been added (bug #3204).

A complete list of changes is available at:

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